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Elk Plaza Culinary Incubator....Hatching Dreams!!! 

Just what IS a Culinary Incubator????  A Culinary Incubator, also known as a kitchen incubator, is a business incubator dedicated to early stage catering, retail and wholesale food businesses.  The capital investment in commercial kitchen equipment can be prohibitive for a new business, and by covering the capital cost of shared kitchen facilities -- which are rented on a timeslot basis to clients -- the culinary incubator enables a business to develop to the stage where it can invest in it's own licensed facility.    Basically, it's a way to test the waters without taking on a lot of risk and debt...or to simply rent something with more room than your residential kitchen, whether you need it to be licensed or not.  

Think about it....if you want to get in shape, you can join a gym...you don't have to build your own.  So if you've always dreamed of starting your own food business...rent the fully licensed commercial kitchen at Elk Plaza in Hanston!  

The Culinary Incubator can be rented by the half day...or full day...and there are special rates for lower energy users, such as those doing cake decorating, dry mixes, honey pouring or cooking demonstrations.  In addition to the facility and equipment, clients will have access to business technical assistance, including marketing and retail bar-coding for their products.  

 Incubators aren't just for chicks...we're hatching dreams!