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City of Hanston

City Hall:  203 N West Street   Ste. 100A, PO Box 165  Hanston, KS  67849

Phone:  620-623-2796   FAX:  620-623-2223

e-mail:  hanston@ucom.net

City Superintendent:  Chris Antonelli

Cell:  620.682.5447   email:  cacityhanston@gmail.com

City Clerk:  Michelle Walters

Treasurer:  Carol A. Soukup

Mayor:  Gary N. Seiler

Council:  Haley Hahn; Dustin Lee ; Brett Horyna; Brad Shank; and Levi Salmans


The Council meets on the second Monday of every month in the City Hall, located in the Library at Elk Plaza.  8:00 p.m.  in the Summer and 7:00 p.m. during the Winter.

HANSTON CITY LIBRARY:  105 N. Logan, Hanston, KS

Librarian:  Jaimi Burke

​Phone:  620-623-2798

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The City Ordinances have been under review and some changes​

have been made.  Please read the full Ordinances here:

Ordinance #170 -- In Reference to Housing Standards

Ordinance #171 -- In Reference to Unsanitary Building Codes

Ordinance #172 -- In Reference to Animals

Ordinance #220 -- In reference to Door to Door Sales