County, KS

Haskell Pack, Jr. Longest Tail Feather Contest

The 2016/17 Contest ended on January 31st and the winners are:

1st Place Youth --- Grant Chaney

1st Place Adult --- Tyson Terhune

Congratulations to our winners and Thank You to everyone that entered!  We had 36 total entries this year.

A SPECIAL Thank You to Casey Fitzgerald for sponsoring this contest in memory of Haskell Pack, Jr. and his of the great outdoors and hunting!

Next year's contest is already in the planning.....and a few things we want to remind you of:

* YOUTH entries must be between ages 11 and 17....and show proof of Hunters Education.  They must also be Kansas residents -- to win the Kansas Lifetime Hunting License.

* Adults are required to show a copy of their Hunting License.

Rules and Regulations for the 2017/18 Contest :

*  Entries accepted 11/12/16-01/31/2017

*  No cost to enter...must be over 18 years of age to win the gun..  All State and Federal Firearms Regulations Apply.

*  Ringneck Pheasants Only...tailfeather must be intact and removed at the entry location.  Entry locations are Pawnee Valley Lodge, CPS and HorseThief Reservoir in Jetmore and Pride Ag in Hanston.

*  Winner receives a Mossburg 500 12 Gauge Shotgun

*  Youth winner will receive a Lifetime Hunting License.

*  Birds must be shot in Hodgeman County, KS

*  Hunters must show a valid hunting license/Youth must show a Hunters Ed Certification and be between 11 & 17.

*  Feathers will be measured against one another...judges rulings are final.

​*  Questions?  Call 620-357-5561

Thank you Casey for this fitting tribute!