County, KS

Jetmore Housing Authority


Susan Smith, Executive Director

412 E Bramley    Jetmore, KS  67854

Hodgeman County Directory


Appraiser:   Richard E. Batchellor, RMA, CKA

Phone:  620-357-8366

FAX: 620-357-6313


PO Box 247  Jetmore, KS  67854

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Attorney:  Mark A. Cowell
Phone:  620-285-7446

FAX:  620-285-7486

PO Box 75  (412 Broadway)  Larned, KS  67550


Clerk:  Sarah Rains

Phone:  620-357-6421


PO Box 247  Jetmore, KS  67854


 This notice covers persons who have applied to register to vote and have not yet provided proof of citizenship. Due to recent court rulings, if you have applied to register to vote at a Kansas Division of Motor Vehicles office or if you have applied to register to vote using the “Federal Form”

voter registration application (as opposed to the standard ‘state form’) and have not yet provided proof of citizenship, you are registered to vote for the November 8, 2016, general election. Your name will appear on the poll book for your voting location and you will be given a standard ballot.

There is nothing further you need to provide for the November 8, 2016, general election.

For elections that take place after the November 8, 2016, general election, it is at this time unknown whether you will be registered to vote depending on subsequent court rulings and should provide an acceptable form of proof of citizenship to your local county election office or to the Secretary of State to ensure future registration. For a complete list of acceptable forms of proof of citizenship, visit www.gotvoterid.com.

 If you have questions concerning your eligibility or this notice you may contact your local county election office or the Secretary of State’s office at (800) 262-8683.


County Commissioners:

Marsha Ewy, District 3  620-357-6417 FAX: 620-357-6313

Emmett Aistrup, District 4  620-623-2017 FAX: 620-357-6313

Darrell Craghead, District 5  620-357-8744 FAX:  620-357-6313

Michael MacNair, District 1 620-357-8566 FAX: 620-357-6313

Jeff Rydquist, District 2 620-805-9986 FAX:  620-357-6313

Economic Development Director:  Lea Ann E. Seiler, CPM, KDS
Office:  620-357-8831  Cell:  620-357-5561  FAX:  620-357-8323

PO Box 121  Jetmore, KS  67854

Economic Development Web Page


EMS Director:  Brent Unruh
PO Box 247  Jetmore, KS  67854

Extension Office:  DeWayne Craghead, Agent
Rhonda Stithem, Office Professional

620-357-8321  FAX:  620-357-8323


Health Department Administrator:  Jenette Schuette, RN
620-357-8736 FAX:  620-357-8846


Health Dept. Web Site

Noxious Weed Director:  Brian Nuss    

(This is the same contact for Recycling & Landfill.)
620-357-8347  FAX:  620-357-8347


PO Box 428 

Jetmore, KS  67854

Register of Deeds:  Paula Lonnberg

620-357-8536  FAX:  620-357-8530

PO Box 505  Jetmore, KS  67854


Roads :  Darrin Boger

620-357-8346  FAX:  620-357-8819

Link to Road Permits and Maps



Office located in Elk Plaza Business Incubator at 203 N West Street  Hanston, KS 67849

Suite #


LINK to Local Emergency Management Page


Sheriff:  Jared Walker

620-357-8391  FAX:  620-357- 8300

e-mail:  hodgemancountysheriff@gmail.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/hodgemansheriff?fref=ts

 Treasurer: Melody Vieux

620-357-6236  FAX:  620-357-6161

PO Box 247  Jetmore, KS  67854